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Frequently Asked Questions

How does pricing work?

As a donor, you actually tell us what the final price is!

As we go over paper, mounting, and framing options we will discuss the actual printing and shipping costs. As long as your donation is at least twice the  costs, we will process the order. 

So what are these printing costs?

You are welcome to look for yourself. The printer we use is finerworks.com, and all pricing is on their website. We have no affiliation with the printer. We like them because their work is impeccable. The link above will take you to the pricing page for the paper we use the most.

What can you tell me about quality?

The print you will receive represents us, and what we stand for. The quality of the product we ship is of utmost importance. We use mainly Moab and Hahnemühle archival quality fine art papers. They are among the best papers available to photographers. With giclee printing on these you are receiving a true gallery grade work of art.

What is your guarantee?

Every effort will be made to ensure your satisfaction with the print of your choice. After all, we succeed in our mission by keeping donors happy. However, if you wish to return a print for any reason, we will refund the printing and original shipping costs for any item returned undamaged within 30 days of initial delivery. The remaining donation portion is not refundable. 

What if my print arrives damaged?

Any item arriving damaged or misprinted will be replaced. Please contact us within 48 hours of delivery so we may notify the printer. To expedite the process please send some photos of the damage. These photos will be for submitting the appropriate claims to the shipping carrier and printer, as well as for internal use. 

What percentage of profits are donated to charity?

100%. If you order a physical print, after paying the cost of printing and shipping all remaining funds are donated. If you are receiving a digital print, then all the monies you pay will go towards the charity.

Doesn't some of the money go to pay the staff at 530 Photography?

No, we work strictly on a volunteer basis. No one at 530 photogrpahy receives any monetary compensation for their work.

I want to support the charity, do I have to buy a photograph?

Not at all. You can make a direct donation in support of the charity we are working with, right from their website, Storytelling Arts. Look for the donate button on the top right section of their homepage. All donations to them are tax deductible.

How many charities is 530 Photography supporting?

We work with one charity at a time.

Why support only one Charity?

It maximizes the benefit we can make in the supported charity.

How does 530 Photography decide what charity to support?

We choose our charities to support by reviewing the mission and vision of the charity as well as their solid standing in the community that they serve. Every charity we review must have a 501(c)3 status in good standing. Charities must also be connected to the arts.

Can 530 Photography support my charitable organization?

Perhaps we can in the future. We are not yet looking for the next organization to support but please send your information to info@530photogrpahy.com. We will archive it until the time is right for us to move on. 

When will 530 Photography change the supported charity?

Once our donation has had a sufficient long term positive impact in the organizations ability to support its mission, we will be moving on to another worthwhile cause to support.

How can the supported charity use the donated funds?

All the funds we donate have to go towards the charities specific mission.

Are there any restrictions on how the supported charity can use the donations?

Yes there are. Our supported charitiy may not use our funds towards the salary of their Executive Director.

Why restrict the funds this way?

We feel the supported organization needs to be strong enough to survive without our support. Restricting the funds this way, ensures both that our prerequisite is met, and that the organization is properly using the funds to further their mission.

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